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The goal of BME IT is to address everyone’s needs, within the bounds of our assigned duties, in a timely and efficient manner. BME IT exists to support the Teaching arm of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill & North Carolina State University. This includes Faculty, Staff, and Students, in IT support areas such as Internet connectivity, Printing, and leveraging the use of our Video Teleconferencing (VTC) meeting rooms. For Research, we can provide “best efforts” assistance; but, Teaching needs are prioritized.

Two-Factor Authentication

As dual-ID holders at both universities, to access university web resources requires additional security verification beyond your UserID & Password. Most users have the following applications on their mobile phone, for one-touch verification.

  • Duo: Works with your university ID credentials to access official websites of the schools. Ex. [website] or [website]
  • Microsoft Authenticator: UNC is a Microsoft campus
  • Google Authenticator: NCSU is a Google campus

The overarching campus IT groups as best suited to help you with password resets & to set these up. More information here:

NCSU: NCSU 2-Factor Authentication Instructions

UNC: UNC 2-Step Authentication Instructions

IT Help Request

For BME IT related inquiries, submit a help ticket to

Both UNC and NCSU use the above email for Help Requests. By taking the above action, a work ticket is generated and placed in our queue.

*IT issues conveyed through direct email or verbally may not be addressed!

Internet and Software

For wireless Internet, both NC State and UNC use a wireless network known as eduroam (education roaming). The intent of eduroam is that many member sites in international research and educational institutions use it; thus, providing you connectivity with a secure network as a visitor in these locations.

How to Enroll Your Device on Eduroam Wi-Fi:
NC State:

UNC: Connect to the wifi network “UNC-Setup” and you will be routed to

Wired Internet Connectivity:

Wired Internet Connectivity is only offered on university-owned computers. Typically, these are desktops computers, which will remain long-term in an office or lab. Personal laptops will need to connect to the wireless network. Wired computers can be reached with the aid of the universities Virtual Private Network.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN):

VPN allows a private, encrypted connection for your computing device. By establishing a VPN connection, your computer is able to communicate with other university computers, as if it were on the same internal network.

NC State: NCSU VPN Installation Page

UNC: UNC VPN Installation Page

Both campuses offer software to members. Software can be purchased or may be free.

NC State:


Cloud Storage

As dual ID holders, it is strongly recommended you work in & save your files & documents in the university-provided, Cloud-based storage in NCSU’s Google Drive and UNC’s Microsoft One Drive.
Research labs tend to have storage setup through the IT campus resources. Your PI will be able to provide further instructions for research. *Be cognizant not to store research data containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or patient data on your computer’s hard drive. In order to do so, your hard drive must be encrypted. 

Technology Lending (*through Libraries)

If your personal device suffers catastrophic technical issues, both NC State and UNC libraries offer technology lending. NC State libraries offer access to laptops (while supplies last) for borrowing temporarily. If you employ the aforementioned Cloud Storage, you should be able to access your files/documents from a temporary device. Also available are laptop & phone chargers, video cameras, calculators, etc.

Technology Lending | NC State University Libraries (

Technology Lending | UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries (

Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Resources

With your NCSU Unity and your UNC Onyen IDs, you have access to numerous applications to conduct virtual, face-to-face meetings. You can use your laptop, phones, or BME Conference Rooms.


NCSU Zoom Website

UNC Zoom Website

Webex (Cisco): *Webex is the recommended VTC application for use with BME Conference Rooms. Also, your Webex account can record and store meetings.

UNC School of Medicine IT | Webex Account Request

UNC Webex Website

NCSU Google Meet: In your NCSU Google Workspace, click on the Applications symbol and open the Meet application.

UNC Microsoft Teams: In your Microsoft 365 web interface, click on the Applications symbol and open the Teams application.

BME Conference Rooms – Reserving

BME Conference Rooms & Reservations

Poster Printing

BME Provided:

BME owns two wide-format (poster) printers.They are located in:

Engineering Building 3 (EB3) Room 4102 (NCSU)

Mary Ellen Jones Building (MEJ) Room 10206D (UNC)

*NOTE – Poster printing is a perk, not a guaranteed resource. There are times when the poster printer(s) are not available. If you plan to print a poster outside of office hours, please notify us, via email to This way, we can check the printer & supply status for after-hours availability. 

Other Poster Printing Resources:

NCSU Wolf Xpress

UNC Print Stop

Fedex Office Stores

*NOTE – the above printing resources may have costs associated. Speak to you PI about reimbursement, prior to using these services.