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Douglas Tremblay Wins 2022 BME, COE, and NC State EHRA Award for Excellence

BME’s NC State Laboratory Manager Douglas Tremblay was the Biomedical Engineering EHRA winner of the 2022 Awards for Excellence (AFE).  This advanced Douglas to be considered at the college level wher… Read more

Andi Scheer Wins 2022 SHRA Biomedical Engineering Award for Excellence

BME’s NC State Administrative Support Specialist Andi Scheer is the Biomedical Engineering SHRA winner of the 2022 Awards for Excellence. Andi’s recognition as the BME SHRA Awards for Excellence recip… Read more

BME Faculty Virginie Papadopoulou selected for 2022 Carolina Women’s Leadership Award

BME Research Assistant Professor Virginie Papadopoulou was recently selected for a 2022 Carolina Women’s Leadership Council Faculty Mentoring Award. Sponsored by the Carolina Women’s Leadership Counci… Read more

BME Juniors win 2nd place in the 2022 PDMA Carolinas Student Competition

A student team of BME juniors wins 2nd place in the PDMA Carolinas student innovation competition with a design concept for a healthcare need that they identified through the BME design classes. The t… Read more



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Current Students & Alumni

We love to hear from our students and alumni! There are plenty of opportunities to stay involved with the Joint BME Department outside the classroom and upon graduation, from attending events and lectures to connecting with us on LinkedIn and social media Instagram and Twitter.

The BME Grad Podcast

Two recent UNC / NC State BME graduates, Allie Mitzak and Grace Cronin host The BME Grad Podcast to help BME students understand industry job roles. Since the start of the podcast in January 2021, Mitzak and Cronin have hosted guests working in product engineering, manufacturing, project management, marketing, clinical, regulatory and entrepreneurship roles. With a new episode every 2 weeks, they have also featured subject matter experts in interviewing and resume writing.
*Disclaimer: the podcast content is not sponsored nor necessarily represents the views of the Universities of UNC / NC State.*


Hunter Reavis, UNC Alum – Class 2016

“After graduation in 2016, I worked as a research technician in a lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the Radiation Oncology department studying DNA damage and repair. This research experience helped me to confirm my passion for cancer biology and in 2018 I began my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania studying the tumor microenvironment of ovarian cancer. BME provided me with a unique perspective in the cancer biology field and I often use many of the approaches and techniques that I learned at UNC!”

Anthony Kyu

Anthony M. Kyu, NC State Alum – Class 2021

“Throughout my undergraduate career at BME, I saw a need for more robotic innovations to not only improve the prosthetics field, but also other medical-related fields, including surgical robotics. For 3 years, I was the Chief Technology Officer of the Helping Hand Project at NC State, responsible for the design and 3D printing of hundreds of body-powered upper-limb prosthetics for children. I’m currently pursuing a M.S. Program in Robotic Systems Development at the Carnegie Mellon University, the nation’s oldest and most established Robotics Institute.”