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The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University is launching a strategic hiring initiative across both of our campuses. Over the next three years, ten new faculty members, with ranks ranging from assistant to full professor, will be recruited to lead collaborative, interdisciplinary biomedical engineering research applied to neurology, orthopedics, lung diseases, cancer, health disparities, predictive biology, and clinical needs, with a technical focus in such areas as:

  • medical imaging
  • regenerative medicine
  • rehabilitation engineering
  • microdevices
  • pharmacoengineering

Our department is committed to offering equal opportunities in an inclusive environment where our entire community can thrive. We believe that inclusion creates a better student experience, faculty career, and department culture. To learn more about our department, please visit this link for more information.

All current Faculty and Staff positions are posted below with links that direct to the official job posting.

Current Open Positions

Accounting Technician

Job Posting and Application

Position Summary:

Joint BME is seeking an individual who will perform pre- and post-award functions and assist with department-related administrative duties. The post-award functions include but are not limited to initiating actions such as re-budgeting, equipment acquisition, and no-cost extensions; assisting in creating pre-award account numbers; preparing online journal vouchers and interdepartmental transfers; preparing budget projections for PIs when requested; approving expenses, complete reconciliations; complete the closeout process for accounts; ensure departmental policies and procedures are followed. This individual will work with the Associate Chair of Administration on salary release on grants and will be responsible for auditing, verifying and approving payments on grant accounts, ensuring accuracy and compliance with University, State, and Federal policies, procedures, and guidelines governing spending and travel reimbursements; and maintaining a high level of audit accuracy. The position will ensure that documentation requirements have been met and that required supporting documentation is present to support the expenses. The position will also assist administrative staff and the Associate Chair of Administration in various tasks as needed.

Assistant Professor – Rehabilitation Engineering

Job Posting and Application 

Position Summary: 

This position is for an Assistant Professor in areas related to Rehabilitation Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is a supportive and highly collaborative environment. Our mission is to improve human quality of life, personal and work environments, and rehabilitation products and processes through careful study, analysis, research, and design of innovative technologies to benefit the people of North Carolina, and others whom we serve. We seek outstanding candidates conducting research in any area of rehabilitation engineering, including, but not limited to, upper or lower extremity neuromechanics, applied biomechanics, assistive and rehabilitation technologies, neural technologies for enhancing sensorimotor function, and translation of rehabilitation technologies to clinical populations. Outstanding candidates at the interface of rehabilitation engineering and regenerative medicine are also encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will have already established a highly competitive independent research program or will have otherwise demonstrated the clear potential to do so. The candidate must have an interest in developing collaborations with both basic science researchers and clinical investigators. The applicant’s research should include a clear pathway to translational/implementation in human clinical populations. The selected candidate will have a primary appointment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with tenure home in the College of Arts and Sciences,and will have access to the resources at both UNC and NC State.

Teaching Assistant Professor

Job Posting and Application

Position Summary: 

UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering is seeking applicants for a Teaching Assistant Professor in any of the five areas of department specialization, Pharmacoengineering, Regenerative Medicine, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biosignals and Imaging or Medical Microdevices with preference given to Pharmacoengineering, Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation Engineering. This is a professional track faculty position with a focus on teaching and education. The individual must work productively and in a collaborative manner across all constituent BME entities, i.e. University of North Carolina College of Arts and Sciences, University of North Carolina School of Medicine and the NC State University College of Engineering.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Job Posting and Application

The Assistant Teaching Professor position’s main responsibilities include:

  • Delivery of lectures that cover the course objectives as stated on the course syllabus following the dates of the NC State University and University of North Carolina university calendars for the given semester.
  • Assessment of student performance, including exams, projects, laboratory assignments and/or homework assignments as outlined on the course syllabus. If the course contains a lab section, overseeing the laboratory component to guarantee appropriate content of lab exercises and coordination of the lab with the lecture.
  • All other responsibilities associated with teaching the course, including grading exams, papers and projects in a timely manner and providing help to students during scheduled office hours.
  • If a teaching assistant is provided, provide supervision to the teaching assistant and coordinate assignments not exceeding the workload of the teaching assistant.
  • Teach courses on topics in one or more of the following areas of Biomedical Engineering (BME): Biomaterials, biomechanics or bioinstrumentation.
  • Assist with undergraduate advising and curriculum planning.

Lampe Distinguished Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Job Posting and Application

Position Summary:

NC State and UNC seek to recruit a Professor of the Biomedical Engineering Department, who will join BME as a leader in contributing to the academic, scientific, and administrative advancement of the Joint Department. The recruitment of candidates to the Joint Department for this endowed professorship will be at the tenured, full professor level. The successful candidate is expected to bring an internationally recognized research program, a demonstrated ability to attract external funding, and the ability to teach BME courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is envisioned that the Lampe Professor will spearhead multi-disciplinary, multi-department, and/or multi-university initiatives focused on addressing key research challenges in Biomedical Engineering.

Academic Advisor

Job Posting and Application

The Academic Advisor position’s main responsibilities include:

  • Advise prospective and admitted students on admission requirements, registration, course selection, academic requirements and other academic issues related to enrollment and student success.
  • Attend recruiting events
  • Develop BME study abroad programs
  • Assist with BME program assessment activities
  • Participate in program development
  • Assist with ABET process

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