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Joint BME’s Naji Husseini Wins University Teaching Award

Congratulations to Naji Husseini, Teaching Assistant Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, for being honored with the 2024 Johnston Teaching Excellence Award! Presented annually… Read more

Legant Lab 3
Autonomous, Self-Driving Microscope Accelerates Cellular Imaging

Legant Lab’s new microscope, featured on the cover of Nature Methods, displays faster, more efficient imaging of cells.   written by Kathleen Clardy for Joint BME Communications Traditional microscopy… Read more

Innovate Carolina Feature: Clot-Busting Combination

SonoVascular, a med-tech startup based on technologies developed by researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University, combines drug-based and mechanical therapies into a novel, pharmaco-mechanic… Read more

Fall 2023 Achievement Award Winners

We are excited to announce and celebrate the outstanding winners of BME’s Fall 2023 Achievement Awards! The award committee recognizes the following recipients for their exceptional talents, accomplis… Read more

College of Arts and Sciences Feature: Engineering Her Dream Degree

The 25-mile shuttle ride between Chapel Hill and Raleigh provides Sunita Agarwala some welcome time to rest and catch up on readings and assignments.   For many Tar Heels, that coursework spans subjec… Read more

Jason Franz Receives Two Grants to Research and Develop Wearable Sensing for Commercialization

Jason Franz, associate professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, has established a productive and collaborative line of research that integrates wearable sensing and machine learnin… Read more

Collaborative Product Innovation Lab Course Pushes Innovation Forward

On Tuesday, December 12, graduate students, including two Joint BME team members from NC State’s Product Innovation Lab, gathered at Raleigh Founded to showcase innovative projects to the Triangle’s i… Read more

UNC iGem Team Wins Bronze Medal at iGEM Grand Jamboree

UNC iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) awarded Bronze Medal at iGEM Grand Jamboree Competition From November 2nd to 5th, 2023, five UNC undergraduates traveled to Paris, France to att… Read more

2024 Lucas Scholars of the Joint Department

The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering is proud to announce the 2024 Lucas Scholars and their mentors: Carson Shelper (mentored by Brian Diekman), Bryce Menichella (mentored by Koji Sode), and… Read more

Dr. Brian Diekman Receives a $3.1 Million NIH Grant to Investigate the Role of DNA Damage & Cellular Senescence in Osteoarthritis Pathophysiology

The 5-year grant is funded through the National Institute of Health’s (NIH); National Institute on Aging (NIA). Chondrocytes accumulate high levels of DNA damage with age and this may lead to a higher… Read more

Can Microbubble ‘Jackhammers’ Create a Breakthrough for Personalized Medicine?

UNC-affiliated startup Triangle Biotechnology’s nanoparticle technology amplifies the power of sound to give scientists rapid, higher-quality sample analysis capabilities—and clinicians hope for pinpo… Read more

Robotic Prosthetic Ankles Improve ‘Natural’ Movement, Stability

Robotic prosthetic ankles that are controlled by nerve impulses allow amputees to move more “naturally,” improving their stability, according to a new study from North Carolina State University and th… Read more