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Biomedical MicrodevicesDr. Koji SodeExam will be VIRTUAL on Jan 27 3pm until Jan 28 3pm (24 hours). The exam questions will be disclosed via zoom at the beginning of the examTopic: Biomolecular Sensing Technologies. PhD Qualifying Exam Overview
Reading Materials:
All reference links on Biomolecular Sensing Technologies
Regenerative MedicineDr. Brian Diekman48h take-home exam on Tuesday Feb 22 at 9 am and due Thursday Feb 24 at 9 am

Topic: Regenerative medicine approaches to muscle disorders (stem cells, gene therapy, genome editing, tissue engineering, etc). Students will have access to the reading materials during the exam time. PhD Qualifying Exam Overview
Reading Materials: 2014 Rejuvenation of the muscle stem cell population; 2018 DMD correction human eng heart; 2019 Long-term evaluation of AAV-CRISPR genome; 2000 AAV minidystrophin DMD
Rehabilitation EngineeringDr. Nitin SharmaTake-home exam on March 24 at 9 am. The test will have two parts: a written component and a simulation and report component. You will have 48 hours to complete the exam. Topic: Primary assistive devices to help rehabilitation of people with neurological disorders. PhD Qualifying Exam Overview
Reading Materials: 2008 Optimizing Compliant, Model-Based Robotic Assistance to Promote Neurorehabilitation; 2012 Iterative learning control in health care; 2001 A myosignal-based powered exoskeleton system; 2005 Control method of robot suit HAL working as operator's muscle; 2007 Active-impedance control of a lower-limb assistive exoskeleton; 2015 Variable impedance control of redundant manipulators; 2009 A neuro-sliding-mode control with adaptive modeling of uncertainty
Biomedical ImagingDr. David LalushAt-home exam: starts on April 20 by 9am, due April 22 by 11:00 PM. Topic: Kinetic Modeling in PET Imaging
PhD Qualifying Exam Overview
Reading Materials:
Background PET Kinetic Modeling 2004; Background_PET_Systems; Lammertsma_SRTM_Paper_1996
PharmacoengineeringDr. Shawn GomezRemote Take Home Exam held on Wednesday May 25th from 9 am, to be returned by May 26th 9 am.PhD Qualifying Exam Reading Materials: PhD Qualifying Exam Overview; Mathematical Modelling of an outbreak of zombie Infection
Biomedical MicrodevicesDr. Michael DanieleTake Home Exam. Prof will send out June 13 by 8:00 AM and it should be returned by June 15 at 8:00 AM. Topic: Fundamentals & Applications of Biomedical Microdevices & Sensors. PhD Qualifying Exam Overview and Reading Materials
Regenerative MedicineDr. Donald FreytesTake-home exam, prof will submit by 5pm on July 22 and it will be due a week later, by midnight on July 29.PhD Qualifying Exam Reading Materials: Cell 2006 Takahashi; Nature Protocols 2008 by Park; Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2012 by Bellin;
Science 1998 Thomson; Stem Cells 2007 Chamberlain;
Stem Cells 2014 by Feng-Juan Lv
Rehabilitation EngineeringDr. Jacque ColeDate: Wed Aug 24
Take-home & Open-book exam, due 11:59pm on Wed Aug 31.
PhD Qualifying Exam Study Guide: Aug 2022 Orthopaedic Biomechanics Exam Details & Study Guide
Biomedical ImagingDr. Alon GreenbaumDate: Mon, Sept 19 @ 10am
Due by: Tue, Sept 20 @ 10am via email
Take Home/Open Materials
EMAIL on Sept 19 for exam questions (or any concerns) to:
Sept 2022 PhD Qualifying Exam Reading Materials: Sept 2022 Reading Material
PharmacoengineeringDr. Yevgeny BrudnoTake-home exam in Google Forms; Prof will open exam Oct 10 @ 8am ET. Due Oct 14 @ 5pm ET.PhD Qualifying Exam Reading Materials: McNeil Nature Reviews 2016; Wilhelm Nature Reviews 2016; Price Science Advances 2020
Biomedical MicrodevicesDr. William PolacheckDate: Wed Nov 9 @ 12p
Due: Fri Nov 11 @ 5pm
Details to be announced.
November 2022- TBD
Regenerative MedicineDr. Roger NarayanDecember 2022- TBD
December 2022- TBD