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Exam date is July 21st, 2023 

Dear BME doctoral students,
My name is Caterina Gallippi, and I am administering the July 2023 written qualifying exam. The broad topic for the exam is medical imaging, and more specifically, you will be tested on your ability to understand modern imaging approaches to assessing stroke risk associated with carotid atherosclerotic plaque.
I have assigned eight journal articles for your review.  These articles span topics including carotid atherosclerotic plaque features that confer stroke risk, conventional imaging approaches for interrogating them, and emerging ultrasound-based technologies for enhanced stroke risk stratification.  You will be expected to understand the relevance of each of the imaging modalities, compare and contrast their advantages and disadvantages, and by citing evidence revealed through your own independent literature review, describe at least one new approach that you feel is relevant to improving stroke risk assessment by advanced ultrasound methods. 
The exam will have an open take-home format, meaning that you may use the assigned manuscripts, the materials referenced within the manuscripts, and other reference materials you identify on your own during the exam. However, you may not consult any other individual.  Further, any use of AI-assisted technologies, such as ChatGPT and related methods, will be considered cheating, resulting in exam failure and a direct violation of the Honor Code.  Your exam responses must be representations of your own independent work.
Students must register for the exam by emailing Vilma to declare their intent to take the exam by July 5.  Only registered students may take the exam.  I will deliver the exam by email to registered students at 9:00 AM on July 21.  Completed exams will be due by 5:00 PM on July 21. 
Thank you,
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