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Download/Print a copy of the Biomedical Materials exam overview.


Reading Materials for Qualifying Exam (Magness)

Stem cell Concepts: In vivo tissue regeneration and ex vivo tissue engineering
Day: April 28 th , 2023
Start Time: 10:00a
End Time: 12:00p

Exam Submission must be emailed to me ( prior to a 12:01pm time

*** IMPORTANT*** No exams will be accepted past a 12:00p time stamp on the email.

Preface: The goal of this exam is to evaluate your understanding of basic stem cell biology as
it relates to tissue regeneration and tissue engineering. You will be responsible for mastering the
fundamentals to the extent that you can use information to answer basic conceptual questions
and also to develop hypothetical solutions to hypothetical problems in stem celldriven
regenerative medicine. The reference material attached to this exam summary serves as a
guide. You are encouraged to use these materials and the citations within them to develop your
knowledge surrounding the exam topics.

You should be fluent in these concepts prior to taking the exam:
Basic stem cell biology
Pluripotent stem cells
Tissue specific stem cells
Stem cell niches
Endogenous vs engineered stem cells
Strengths and weakness of stem cell therapies

References: Basic text book on stem cell biology, 5 journal articles that have been posted along
with this summary of the exam.

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