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Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

April 1, 2019

Educational Objectives The graduates of the Biomedical Engineering (BME) undergraduate program will: Pursue advanced studies in biomedical engineering or other disciplines; Meet or exceed the expectations of their employers in the biomedical engineering workplace, or in other professional careers; Continue to … Read more

Design Program

February 1, 2019

Because engineers are addressing real-world problems in their careers, an integral part of the training is in learning how to design and build systems. In our program, design is integrated throughout the curriculum in the many different class projects. Also, … Read more

Undergraduate FAQ

January 1, 2019

  Will I have to travel between campuses? No. We will continue to offer a complete curriculum on each campus so that students do not have to travel in order to complete the curriculum.  However, we encourage students to take advantage … Read more