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Because engineers are addressing real-world problems in their careers, an integral part of the training is in learning how to design and build systems.

In our program, design is integrated throughout the curriculum in the many different class projects. Also, our curriculum has a set of four design classes:

  • BMME 210: BME Design and Manufacturing I
  • BMME 310: BME Design and Manufacturing II
  • BMME 697: Senior Design I
  • BMME 698: Senior Design II

In BME Design and Manufacturing I, students learn how to use design tools, such as 3-D modeling software, 3-D printers, and using microcontrollers to read signals from sensors and control things like motors.

In BME Design and Manufacturing II, students learn additional fabrication techniques and embark on their first group project that addresses a need in medical device design.

In Senior Design I and II, students are placed onto design teams and dispatched into clinics and research labs to assess and solve pressing needs. Some groups are also paired with individuals with disabilities in the local community to design a custom device that helps them become more independent in their daily lives. Our design curriculum is based on the award-winning Stanford Biodesign model, and provides students with an immersive, entrepreneurial research environment in which to create novel solutions to problems. Many of our students will work on inter-institutional teams with peers at NC State, learning the critical collaboration tools necessary for successful careers on a global scale!

Examples of recent design projects are at the links below:

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