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The Abrams Scholars for the 2023-2024 cohort have been selected. BME is delighted to announce that this year’s scholars will be granted a mentored research fellowship sponsored by the NC State College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.

Abrams Scholars are driven, research-focused undergraduate students who are afforded the opportunity to engage in hands-on, mentored research projects throughout the academic year. Mentorship within the program enables students to showcase their work at academic conferences and collaborate on journal publications.

The Joint Department is excited to present this academic year’s extensive list of Abrams Scholars:

Name PI Project Title
Abel Abraham Dr. William Polacheck (BME) The role of viscous drag in directing vascular morphogenesis
David Barr Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou (BME) Evaluation of real-time automated bubble detection in echocardiography
Annmarie Bedsaul Dr. Donald Freytes (BME) Investigating cytocompatibility of inhalable vocal fold ECM in the treatment of vocal fold injury
Novietta De Britto Dr. Alon Greenbaum (BME) Customizing fluid simulation software to forecast drug distribution in the porcine inner ear
Hannon Brown Dr. Brian Diekman (BME) Activation of sirtuin 6 to mitigate damage and cellular senescence
Matthew Bunn Dr. Lianne Cartee (BME) Improving measurements of tactile sensory perception
Alexia Cash Dr. Mike Sano (Molecular Biomedical Sciences) The optimization of CRISPR-Cas 9 delivery using electroporation
Henry Chen Dr. Amay Bandodkar (ECE) Electro-therapy bandages for rapid wound closure
Kaiwen Chen Dr. Joseph Burclaff (BME) Defining transcriptional mechanisms regulating cell cycle in human intestinal stem cells
Lily Denney Dr. Thomas Egan (Surgery) & Dr. Marie Muller (MAE) Using ultrasound multiple scattering in the lung to assess lung disease and locate pulmonary nodules
Hasan Dheyaa Dr. Helen Huang Development of a low cost system for real time gait phase estimation
Michelle Dixit Dr. Jospeh Burclaff & Dr. Scott Magness (BME) Exploring transcriptional control of metabolism in intestinal stem cells to inform tissue engineering
Samuel Duncan Dr. Helen Huang (BME) Towards enhancing mediolateral gait and balance through robotic hip exoskeleton assistance
Brooke Dunkley Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of brachial plexus birth injury on bone metabolism and muscle composition
Sreenidhi Elayaperumal Dr. Brian Kuhlman (Biochemistry & Biophysics) ANGPTL3 inhibitor design with RFDiffusion
Joshua Farrelly Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of brachial plexus birth injury on bone metabolism and muscle composition
Sofie Finkelstein Dr. Matt Fisher (BME) Assessment of novel ACL injury therapeutic with synthetic platelets in-vitro
Caroline Fox Dr. Ashley Brown (BME) Comparing the cellular response of human myometrial smooth muscle cells on fibrin-based and pNIPAM-based scaffolds
Carter Gamble Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Development of a bone-on-chip platform to examine effects of post-stroke inflammation on bone-vascular interactions
Danica Grant Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou (BME) & Dr. Frauke Tillmans (Divers Alert Network) Assessment of cardiac output and its relation to decompression bubbles in recreational divers
Mason Hon Dr. Ashley Brown (BME) Fibrin based nanoparticle hydrogels to promote wound healing
Claire Howes Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of brachial plexus birth injury on bone microstructure
Brian Hua Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of brachial plexus birth injury on rotator cuff muscle architecture
Sreya Kanamurlapudi Dr. Ke Huang (Molecular Biomedical Sciences) Investigate the role of specific genes in cardiomyocyte proliferation with a knockout mouse model of MI
Marina Kapitanov Dr. Frauke Tillmans (Divers Alert Network) Salivary analyte analysis for correlation with decompression stress
Elizabeth Keeley Dr. Matthew Fisher (BME) Biochemical and histological investigation of menisci after an ACL injury
Emma Kennedy Dr. Ola Harrysson (ISE) Adjustable socket prosthetic
Alex Knight Dr. Derek Kamper (BME) Using EEG to train motor planning
Robert Kobrin Dr. David Zaharoff (BME) Development of a chitosan-glycerol hydrogel for intratumoral immunotherapy
Ashley Kong Dr. Donald Freytes (BME) Characterizing uterine derived ECM hydrogels from healthy and fibrotic animals
Noah Lambert Dr. Wubin Bai (Applied Physical Sciences) A novel, MXene-based biotransistor for improved soft bioelectronics
Sophia Lazo Dr. Nitin Sharma (BME) Multi electrode arrays for stimulation of ankle
Maria McAdam Dr. Jinwook Kim (BME) Development of a sonothrombolysis test setup with coaxial cavitation detection for microbubble-enhanced sonothrombolysis in vitro
Bryce Menichella Dr. Jinwook Kim (BME) Development of a multi-element conformal array transducer using 3D-printed components for transcranial ultrasound therapies
Ashlesha Mirajkar Dr. Nitin Sharma (BME) Ultrasound-based neuromodulation of the spinal cord
Rachel Morris Dr. Matt Fisher (BME) Biochemical and histological investigation of menisci after an ACL injury
Abigail Mulry Dr. David Zaharoff (BME) Immune activating properties of ablated tumor cells
Avery Murray Dr. Helen Huang (BME) Development of a visual feedback rehabilitation system for enhancing mediolateral balance
Aimee Pack Dr. Koji Sode (BME) Engineering of the direct election transfer (DET) ability of enzymes with iron-sulfur cluster
Avanti Panajkar Dr. Nitin Sharma (BME) Eye-gaze control of functional research via shared FES and a robot
Reagan Parks Dr. Nitin Sharma (BME) Multi-electrode array for stimulation of sensory stimulation
Alexandra Patton Dr. William Polacheck (BME) Characterization of viscoelastic mechanical properties of cell derived hydrogels
Karthik Ramakrishnan Dr. Sarah Shelton (BME) Building a microfluidic model of blood clotting and metastasis
Nidhi Rane Dr. Yevnegy Brudno (BME) Implantable scaffolds to make Car T cells
Becky Renfrow Dr. Derek Kamper (BME) Hybrid hard-soft hand exoskeleton
Anna Riordan Dr. Mike Sano (Molecular Biomedical Sciences) Development of optimal protocols for in vivo genetic engineering using CRISPR/CAS9 and pulsed electric fields
Virginie Ruest Dr. Jason Franz (BME) Age-related differences in the neuromechanical response to standing balance perturbations
Sydney Schwartz Dr. Helen Huang & Dr. Ming Liu (BME) Shared control of robotic ankle prosthetic food
Raghav Sriram Dr. Ross Petrella (BME) Optimization of biomedical instrumentation amplifiers
Joseph Stark Dr. Amay Bandodkar (ECE) Wearable multi-modal sensors for monitoring skin health in amputees
Katie Taran Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of brachial plexus birth injury on bone metabolism and muscle composition
Phuong Tran Dr. Junjie Yao (BME, Duke) End-to-end photoacoustic/ultrasound images dual processing and enhancing application
Varsha Venkatapathy Dr. Caterina Gallippi (BME) Mechanically anisotropic tissue mimicking phantoms for development of ultrasonic kidney imaging protocols
Rohan Vora Dr. Jeff Macdonald (BME) Stable Isotope tracer studies of the CNS
Tian Wang Dr. Pranam Chatterjee (BME, Duke) Development of programmable protein degraders with computationally-derived peptide guides
Samantha Watson Dr. Matthew Fisher (BME) Multiscale mechanical analysis of equine superficial digital flexor tendon
Mylah Williams Dr. Derek Kamper (BME) Combining neural stimulation and virtual reality for hand rehabilitation
Sicheng Xing Dr. Wubin Bai (Applied Physical Sciences) MXene-based, closed-loop-controlled, wireless electrical therapy patch for chronic wounds
Maya Yin Dr. Gang Li (Radiology) Mapping early brain development

For more information about BME’s Abrams Scholarship Program, please visit this link.

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