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The BME Abrams Scholars Program provides outstanding BME undergraduate students at both UNC and NC State with the opportunity to conduct hands-on, mentored research projects throughout the academic year (September through April). The program is competitive, and each year about 30-35 rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are selected and paid a stipend to perform research under the guidance of a faculty member. The Scholars are highly motivated students who are generally very productive in the lab, often presenting their work at local, regional and even national conferences (such as BMES and IEEE meetings) and co-authoring journal articles. The Abrams Scholars Program experiences are a strong foundation for pursuing advanced degrees (graduate school, medical school, etc.) or applying for competitive jobs after graduation.

The Abrams Scholars Program is named after C. Frank Abrams, Jr., a BME and BAE emeritus faculty member. Dr. Abrams led the development of the first courses in Biomedical Engineering at NC State and was instrumental in the founding of NC State’s BME Department and, ultimately, the creation of the Joint BME Department at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State. He was the Joint Department’s first senior design instructor and the first Director of Graduate Studies. He also held many leadership positions at NC State, including in the Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office.

Information about the application timeline for each academic year will be sent early in the fall semester.