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Roger Narayan, distinguished professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, was selected as a 2024 Fellow for The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) this month during the 153rd annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

This award recognizes TMS members who are qualified for elevation to the Class of Fellow because of their contributions to the practice of metallurgy, materials science, and technology. Narayan was selected for pioneering contributions to the use of laser-based additive manufacturing and ablation methods to process biomaterials with micrometer and nanoscale features.

“TMS has provided me with an opportunity to interact with my colleagues in academia, government and industry over the years. These interactions have had a significant influence on my research collaborators, including international collaborators, and the progression of my career.” – Roger Narayan

Narayan’s research with the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering centers around biomedical microdevices, spearheading biosensor applications of microneedles that were created using either two-photon polymerization or digital micromirror device-based stereolithography. 

In addition to his recognition with TMS Narayan is a fellow of six other societies including AAAS, AIMBE, MRS, ASM, ASME, and American Ceramic Society (ACerS). Through his involvement, he’s been recognized through numerous other awards, including TMS Functional Materials Division Distinguished Service Award, the ACerS Fulrath Award, the TMS Distinguished Scientist Award, Fulbright Fellowships (Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand), and the ACerS Coble Award.

For more information about Narayan’s work as it relates to biosensors and materials science, please visit his biomedical engineering profile here and his materials science profile here.
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