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Contact Information:

Keith Abbey

Class of 2023 NC State, NCSU

Hometown: Garner, NC


I love biomedical engineering because of the diversity of mechanical and chemical applications that can be applied to the human body. Learning in-depth about how the body’s systems each function together and independently to each other, and how that can be applied to engineering practices, is a very motivating and intriguing process that always yields new interest and ideas. The small student class allows for a closely-knit collaborative environment where everyone is willing to help each other. The teachers are all very friendly and it is very easy to contact them with any clarification you need on any issue. No question is a dumb question in biomedical engineering!

I enjoy hiking, running, exploring new places, trying new cuisines. In college, I am an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Freytes’ RE-Design Lab. I also participate in the Helping Hands Project as a Case Group Member. Outside of university, I am a volunteer in the Emergency Department at the UNC Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill and on the volunteer committee for the Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk4Hearing Fundraiser.

Awards and Honors: Dean’s List (all semesters), Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society