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Contact Information:

Daniel Ku

Class of 2023 UNC

Hometown: Cary, NC


Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Ku and I’m currently a junior at UNC majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in physics. Within the BME program, my concentrations are in biosignals and imaging and biomedical microdevices. After undergraduate schooling, I plan on continuing my education in graduate school where I hope to find myself in the fields of cancer cell imaging and soft robotics. I currently conduct research at the Bai Labs under the applied physical sciences department, focusing on bioelectronic applications towards device fabrication. Furthermore, I am an undergraduate lab assistant at the CFAR HIV/STD lab core where I work under a work study grant targeting solutions for covid.

Outside of BME, I’m an active member of Lambda Phi Epsilon, the university’s only Asian-interest fraternity and am also involved in the Asian community on campus. Feel free to reach out about any questions regarding the program or anything else related to campus life! I look forward to be an ambassador!

Researcher at Bai Labs and CFAR HIV/STD lab core
Treasurer for Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
Treasurer for Lambda Phi Epsilon
Member of Helping Hands
Member of Summit College
Member of Korean American Student Association (KASA)