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BME faculty in the Biomedical Microdevices area use devices and structures made with micro/nanofabrication techniques to solve problems in medicine and biology. Devices are fabricated on both campuses using state-of-the-art facilities: NNF at NCSU and the CHANL at UNC. An 800 sq. foot class 1000 softwall cleanroom is housed within the BME department that contains tools for micro/nanofabrication and is geared towards studies at the interface of engineering and biology. Equipment for cell and molecular biology is housed next door to the cleanroom.

Faculty research in the Biomedical Microdevices area includes developing systems for analyzing single cells, high throughput screening of cell cultures, culturing microscale tissues, and sensing DNA and other biologically important molecules. Several faculty are also using micro/nanofabrication techniques to create the next generation of biomaterials, medical devices, and point-of-care diagnostics.