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The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC, Department 4275, allocates parking to employees based on Total State Service. The following procedures are used in allocating permits:

  • Parking applications are distributed to all current permanent employees and post-doctoral fellows.
  • Each employee verifies information on the pre-printed application or completes a new application. The employee chooses 3 permit zones ranked in order of preference from the Department’s zone allocations.
  • The parking coordinator verifies each employee’s Total State Service date on the application.
  • Starting with the employee with the longest Total State Service, permits are assigned based on Total State Service and the employee’s first zone choice. If the first choice is not available, the employee is assigned the second or third choice. The process of assigning lot allocations to employees continues until all employees are assigned a permit or all permits are assigned. Post-doctoral fellows are entered into the UNC-CH post-doc lottery.
  • Any employee who does not receive his/her first choice or a permit may request to be placed on the University wait list.