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The National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is a prestigious fellowship program that supports graduate students in various STEM fields. The program provides financial support, including an annual stipend and funding for research and professional development, for up to three years. GRFP aims to recognize and support outstanding graduate students early in their careers, fostering their potential as future leaders in their respective fields. Recipients of the GRFP have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, research potential and broader impacts on society through their proposed research. The program is highly competitive, with thousands of applications received each year and only a limited number of fellowships awarded.

This year’s fellowship winners and honorable mentions include four current Joint BME students:

  • Robert Kobrin (NC State undergrad)
  • Xinyi Li (UNC undergrad)
  • Muskan Aslam (honorable mention, NC State undergrad)
  • Melika Osareh (honorable mention, NC State Grad student)

Additionally, five former Joint BME undergraduates, now graduate students at other institutions, were recognized:

  • Manasi Krishnakumar (University of Virginia)
  • Jacob Allen Schulman (Vanderbilt)
  • Margaret Elizabeth Stanley (University of Michigan)
  • Jefferson Ryan Bercaw (honorable mention, Duke)
  • Emily Warren (honorable mention, Duke)

Congratulations to each student on their well-deserved acknowledgement!

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