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Last Friday’s UNC Chancellor’s leadership message “From big ideas to bold solutions” encouraged students not just to learn but to create and to view the world with an entrepreneurial mindset: “to get involved in the research and discovery mission of the University before they graduate.” Chancellor Guskiewicz further described how new thinking often sparks at the intersection of different disciplines by highlighting BME Assistant Professor Rahima Benhabbour’s work and research. 

With the help of some UNC seed funding, Benhabbour currently heads a startup company AnelleO that uses advanced 3D-printing technology for novel solutions in women’s health. Featured at WRAL’s Innovation Road Trip a couple of weeks ago, Benhabbour described how working across disciplines led her to the discovery of new, more reliable methods for delivering drug treatments to women. Chancellor Guskiewicz’s message claims that supporting talented researchers from an initial idea to real-world application is what built North Carolina into a worldwide leader in biotechnology, data science, energy, and much more. 

The Chancellor concluded “if you have an idea, bring it forward. If you have a burning question about the world, keep asking until you discover a good answer. The tools to build something new are all here, and they’re ready for you.” The original Chancellor’s communication is posted on the main UNC website here.

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