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BME Affiliated Faculty Amay Bandodkar, who is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State, was recently selected by MIT Technology Review magazine as one of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35. Dr Bandodkar works at the interface of electronics, materials science, and biology to create next-generation wearable sensors with biomedical applications such as disease monitoring. He is part of NC State’s ASSIST Center, whose mission is to create self-powered, wearable health monitoring technologies. “My ultimate goal would be to develop technology that allows us to assess a person’s health status by merely scanning a reader – just like the tricorder from Star Trek,” Bandodkar said.

Founded in 1899, MIT Technology Review is an independent media company whose insight, analysis, and interviews explain the newest technologies and their commercial, social, and political impacts. The annual list, which Tech Review has issued since 1999, was created to highlight exceptionally talented young innovators from around the world in a variety of fields.  Congratulations to Dr Amay Bandodkar for this award! You can read more information on the NC State website here

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