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BME alum Jamie Cone, who graduated from NC State with a concentration in biomaterials, is currently an Engineer II at BD Technologies & Innovation in Research Triangle Park. One of her main responsibilities involves using additive manufacturing (AM) equipment in the development of medical components. “Because I work for a huge medical injection molding company that molds billions of parts per year, 3D printing introduces a whole new way of thinking and designing for medical components. I have been part of the most recent efforts to try and educate and persuade other engineers within our company to think differently and to trust that AM can be an alternative method to traditional manufacturing, and one that can significantly save time and money.”

During the pandemic, BD Technologies & Innovation focused its resources on equipping healthcare partners with a comprehensive suite of technologies and solutions to discover more about Covid-19; diagnose patients at scale; and support patient care. BD experienced unprecedented demand for certain equipment, and their “manufacturing facilities had to massively increase production,” says Jamie, “in some cases producing more in one week than in the whole of the previous year.

The feature further quotes Jamie’s experiences as a woman engineer, the importance of exposing young girls to engineering and science activities early, and motivation for pursuing a career in engineering. To read the full article, visit Design World’s website here.

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