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A storied group of academics, civic leaders, industrialists and entrepreneurs are sponsoring the creation of a new engineering university, Plaksha University in Chandigarh, India. The stated purpose of the University is to reimagine engineering education in a manner that will serve the 21st century needs of India. Part of this group is our own Frances Ligler, Lampe Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who has accepted an invitation to serve on the Academic Advisory Board for Plaksha University. Other members of this prestigious Board include Deans, a Provost, a Nobel Laureate/co-founder of J-PAL, and faculty from Princeton and MIT. The full board roster and more information about the new university can be found here. Plaksha’s immediate vision and plans are to achieve a targeted enrollment of 6,000 students by 2035 while providing an education that involves acquiring knowledge of advanced technologies like computing & artificial intelligence, autonomy, robotics & connected systems while cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, to apply technology for societal impact. Dr. Ligler was invited to be on the Advisory Board through the strength of her work on the National Academy of Engineering Council (NAE’s Governing Body) and the NAE Grand Challenges of Engineering.

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