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This week the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost announced that BME Professor Paul Dayton is receiving a W.R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor appointment. Professor Dayton, a biomedical ultrasound engineer, is also Associate Chair at the UNC/ NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. Moreover, he is Professor in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and an Adjunct Professor of Radiology.

Dr. Dayton is widely published and cited for his innovative work using ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents for biomedical applications. He is the Principal Investigator of a substantial and highly productive research group involved in developing new technologies for imaging blood flow, microvasculature, and molecular markers. Dayton group’s recent contributions to the field include techniques to improve the sensitivity and consistency of ultrasound imaging through optimization of contrast agent size distribution, the demonstration of high-resolution, high-SNR ultra broadband imaging, and techniques for real-time molecular imaging. They are also making world recognized advances in ultrasound-mediated therapeutics with micro and nanoparticles, and developing and applying tools for non-invasive assessment of angiogenesis progression and tumor response to therapy. For the official announcement, visit UNC’s Office of the Provost here. Many Congratulations to Prof Dayton on this well deserved appointment!

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