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BME is proud to announce the 2018 Lucas Scholars. All of the nominees were outstanding, so a special congratulations to those who were selected. We’d also like to thank Dr. Carol Lucas for her inspiration and support of the program. The program was named to honor her contribution to the Biomedical Engineering Department as UNC’s founding chair and also to recognize her contributions to the field of biomedical engineering. When the funds for the Lucas Scholars program were cut, her generosity allowed it to continue, once again demonstrating why she’s a person we choose to honor. Thanks also to the mentors who have agreed to host a scholar in their lab this summer. The scholars and their mentors are:

Neil Cornwell mentored by Dr. Scott Magness
Jamie Lebhar mentored by Dr. Nancy Allbritton
James Cahoon mentored by Dr. Nancy Allbritton
Jackson Richards mentored by Dr. Jason Franz

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