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A recent press release by the publishers of Tissue Engineering featured research undertaken in BME’s own Translational Orthopaedic Research Laboratory (TORL). Headed by Dr. Matt Fisher, TORL’s research focuses on understanding the normal structure and function of musculoskeletal soft tissues and using this information to develop new tissue engineering and regenerative medicine solutions. The press release specifically mentions “Rise of the Pigs: Utilization of the Porcine Model to Study Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering During Skeletal Growth,” a paper authored by Fisher graduate students Stephanie Cone and Paul Warren. In the paper, the students present the opportunities and challenges of using pigs as translational models for musculoskeletal regenerative medicine, specifically biomechanics studies.

Find out more about TORL and the fantastic work done by Dr. Fisher’s lab here.

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