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The final quarter of the year has been a busy one for Dr. Zhen Gu. In addition to his ground-breaking research, hectic lecture circuit, and full conference schedule, he has found time to be interviewed by UNC Healthcare for at least two separate studies being undertaken in his lab. The first, “Smart Artificial Beta Cells Could Lead to New Diabetes Treatment,” features Dr. Gu’s promising research on smart artificial beta cells– cells that mimic natural pancreatic beta cells that could automatically control blood glucose levels in diabetics. The second study, “Researchers use a skin patch, infrared light, and melanin to battle melanoma,” focuses on a melanin-enhanced cancer immunotherapy technique that can also serve as a vaccine (lead author: Yanqi Ye).

In addition, NIH’s Director Dr. Francis Collins has featured Dr. Gu’s work with artificial beta cells on his blog.

These are just two of the many outstanding projects being undertaken in Gu’s iMedication lab. Keep up the great work, Zhen!

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