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tHINK, the NC State Graduate School magazine, is a biannual publication that features stories about Wolfpack students who are the best and brightest of their generation. It comes as no surprise, then, that BME PhD student Andrea (Andy) Brandt was profiled in the Summer 2017 edition for her work with lower limb prosthetics. Andy strives to develop a “bionic leg” that can automatically adjust for specific activities and conditions, a novel approach in today’s world of static prosthetics. Her ultimate goal is to develop prostheses that adapt to its users, rather than the other way around.

Andy Brandt (right) works with lab volunteer and MAE student Charles Humphries

Read more about Andy’s research and dedication to improving lives in When High Tech Bionics Merge with the Human Side of Science in Order to Meet Individual Needs. 

Way to go, Andy!

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