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BME would like to congratulate our 2016 Joint Department Award Winners, who will be recognized at the Joint BME Symposium on April 26th. Although all of our faculty and staff do great work, this year’s winners have contributed well above and beyond what is expected of them. The winners are:

Staff: Cheryl Simpson
Research: Paul Dayton
Service: Nancy Allbritton
Teaching: Naji Husseini
Advising: Devin Hubbard and David Lalush

Honourable mentions:
Staff: Lesley Hubbard
Research: Zhen Gu and Nancy Allbritton

We had a good number of nominations for awards, so the decision making was difficult given the massive contributions of all faculty and staff in our department.  Thank you to all who participated in helping choose this year’s recipients, and congratulations again to our winners!

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