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A smart insulin project spearheaded by BME’s Dr. Zhen Gu has been selected to receive support from a JDRF/Sanofi joint research collaboration. Dr. Gu, along with BME’s Dr. Fran Ligler and UNC’s Drs. John Buse and David Lawrence, is developing a “smart insulin patch,” a glucose-responsive insulin (GRI) patch that is placed directly onto the skin that allows the wearer to absorb insulin at the rate the body requires for normal function. This revolutionary device would improve millions of lives, including those living with incurable Type 1 Diabetes. “The development of GRIs is aligned with JDRF’s vision of less disease burden until none for people living with T1D. These drugs may be able to address many of the shortcomings and challenges of current insulin therapy by providing a treatment that can more reliably maintain blood sugar levels within a safe range and potentially help reduce the burden of managing T1D by minimizing dosing frequency,” said JDRF Assistant Vice President of Translational Development Sanjoy Dutta, Ph.D. You can read more about the JDRF/Sanofi collaboration as well as the projects they believe will level the diabetic playing field here.

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