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BME Ph.D. student Jin Di’s outstanding work with Dr. Zhen Gu has been not only recognized with multiple awards but has also been selected as a front cover for Advanced Healthcare Materials. Her work, entitled “Ultrasound-Triggered Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels Using Injectible Nano-Network,” is part of the ongoing focus of the Gu Lab to revolutionize the way that diabetic patients manage their disease. Jin and her coworkers reported the integration of an injectable formulation with a focused ultrasound system (FUS) which can remotely regulate insulin release both in vitro and in vivo. Serving as a synthetic insulin reservoir, the formulation consisting of adhesive biodegradable nanoparticles promotes insulin release upon FUS triggers in a pulsatile, remote and non-invasive control manner.


This excellent work has earned Ms. Di many awards, including the student travel award from the 14th International Symposium for Therapeutic Ultrasound, Best Oral Presentation at this year’s UNC University Research Day, and the Leaf Huang Research Award (Best Poster Presentation) at the 8th Annual Chapel Hill Pharmaceutical Science Conference. Congratulations to Jin on all of her awards as well as the feature on the cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials!


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