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Congratulations to Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Ashlyn Young on her first scientific publication! Ashlyn spent last summer at the University of Minnesota with the Haynes Research Group as part of the Nanotechnology Network’s Research Experience for Undergraduates Program. While in the Haynes Research Group, Ms. Young worked with Xiaojie Wu and Donghyuk Kim, and their work has now appeared in Accounts of Chemical Research! Their paper, titled “Microfluidics-Based in Vivo Mimetic Systems for the Study of Cellular Biology,” offers a perspective on microfluidics in cell-cell modeling.  Their paper explains that their studies will not model “the complexity of the in vivo human system” but will be able to “control the complexity so researchers can examine critical factors of interest carefully and quantitatively.” To read the full article, find it through ACS Publications.

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