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Novocor, a BME Spinout company, is one of thirteen medical technology companies to highlight their product in the EARLY/state event at the 2013 Southeast Bio Investor & Partnering Forum this November in Richmond Virginia. Novocor will present HypoCore, a rapid chilling device to induce therapeutic hypothermia. Companies chosen for the EARLY/Stage event are seeking their first rounds of investment. They will participate in an individual private advisory session led by early-stage investors, entrepreneurs and experienced life science managers and service providers. Four EARLY/Stage companies will be selected to present to the full conference audience, with an overall “winner” announced at the closing lunch.

Entrepreneurs representing 22 of the most promising bioscience and medical technology companies in the region will solicit advice and seek investment during the annual life science convention sponsored by Southeast BIO (SEBIO). A selection committee of regional and national venture capitalists selected the companies. Southeast BIO (SEBIO) is a regional non-profit organization that fosters the growth of the life sciences industry in the Southeastern United States through efforts that promote entrepreneurship and bring together the key players active in the development of the industry. SEBIO’s geographic footprint presently includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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