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Dr. Jacqueline Cole, as part of a collaborative team boasting members from five departments and two colleges at NC State, has won a Research and Innovation Seed Funding (RISF) Award from NCSU! RISF awards are awarded by NCSU for projects that are interdisciplinary in nature and have a strong chance of later seeing funding from external sources. The team, led by Alyson Wilson of the Department of Statistics and Dr. Blair Sullivan of the Department of Computer Science, will aim to develop methods to track trends and locate insights in health data. The project is truly the picture of cross-departmental collaboration—not only does it bring together faculty from across the campuses, but it also will utilize three applications (personalized medicine, dynamics of the musculoskeletal system, bone-vascular interactions) and three methodological areas (statistics, discrete math, machine learning). The project is titled, “Scalable Clustering Methods for Dynamic Health Data,” and it will seek to mine useful and insightful health data from big and noisy datasets that have come into existence due to advances in both technology and record-keeping. Congratulations to Dr. Cole and the entire team!

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