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The following resources can help you plan courses:

Course Schedules: UNC | NC State
Approved course transfers: for UNC-based students | NC State-based students


Follow these steps to enroll in courses:

Get approval from your advisor. Your advisor will need your ID number on both campuses and your e-mail in order to complete the approval form.

  • Wait for department approval (sent by e-mail)
  • Use or to find your enrollment appointment and enroll yourself in courses after your enrollment window opens. If you aren’t able to self-enroll, submit a help request for courses based at UNC, or a help request for courses based at NC State.
  • AFTER you are enrolled in classes, submit the form below so your credits will transfer to your home institution. The form must be completed by the last day to add a class without permission of the instructor on your home campus. If not, you will be dropped from your classes on the partner campus.


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Lianne Cartee
(919) 515-6726

Assoc. Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Naji Husseini
(919) 966-1176

UNC Student Services Coordinator
Rocky Rothrock
(919) 966-1176

NC State Student Services Coordinator
Madison Mowery