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Transfer students who are seeking admission to UNC are required to apply through the Common Application. To be eligible, students must complete equivalents of the five courses listed below and an essay:

  • Calculus 1 and 2 – C or better
  • Chemistry 1 – C or better
  • Physics 1 (Mechanics) – C or better
  • First-year English – C- or better

Classes accepted for transfer in previous years are available for UNC and NC State. If classes are not listed, then you can contact the appropriate campus’s admissions department with questions. The BME department can only approve courses that transfer to BME-prefixed courses; we cannot approve substitutes for other departments’ courses.

The best time to transfer is after fulfilling the course requirements listed above. Completing an Associate Degree does not provide a significant advantage, as the BME program will still most likely require three years.

Application instructions – UNC

To apply to BME at UNC, see the procedure on the transfer students admission’s website.

If you are eligible for admission directly into BME, then we will receive and review your application carefully. If denied admission into BME, you can still matriculate at UNC into the College of Arts and Sciences and choose another major. You may reapply in a later admissions cycle, though you must have demonstrated strong academic performance in UNC STEM classes to be a competitive applicant.

Application instructions – NC State

To apply to BME at NC State, see the procedure at the College of Engineering transfer admissions page.

You must be accepted into BME to be also accepted into the NC State College of Engineering. If you are not accepted into the program, then you will not be accepted to NC State.