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Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the BME program (see below how to apply to BME through each university UNC/ NC State). To provide high-quality education and focused learning and mentoring, each class at each school is limited to 80 students. Students may apply to the program after completing the following five courses with the listed grade (or with matching AP or IB credit):

Admission is based on GPA – with special attention given to the chemistry, math, and physics courses listed above – and the essay (link or pop-up with details that are in “Essay Guidelines on the next page). Transferred grades from other colleges are used as reported, and AP exam scores are converted to grades according to NC State’s policy.

Meeting the minimum grade requirements is NOT a guarantee of admission to BME, as we typically have more applicants than spots. Strong candidates have As and Bs in their required courses, though we accept students with lower grades provided they have a strong essay. Each applicant is carefully evaluated by a committee of BME faculty.

Students must be enrolled at the university a minimum of one semester before applying, even if they already have credit for all the courses listed above. After the first semester, students may apply during any of the three application periods shown in the table below. The percentage of the total class admitted per semester is also listed in that table.

Application Period Admissions Committee Decision By Approx. % of class admitted
Fall: 9/18-12/1 December 31 15%
Spring: 2/16-5/15 June 15 80%
Summer: 7/2-8/1 One week before start of fall semester 5%

Sophomores can apply after completing their third semester, though they may have to take summer classes to stay on track for graduation. While rising juniors can apply, they will almost certainly need summer classes, and graduation may be delayed.

Students not admitted can reapply during the next cycle without penalty. To be admitted upon reapplication, students should demonstrate strong performance (3.5 GPA or higher) in three or more STEM classes. Participation in engineering- or medical-related jobs, internships, or research will also help. Students are strongly encouraged to select a different major if not accepted after the third semester.

To apply for admission to the program, students must complete the following two steps:

  • Apply to CODA. Follow the College of Engineering guidelines. To be considered for BME, students MUST select BME as the first choice. Students that select BME as a second or third choice will NOT be considered.
  • Complete the online application with essay. The application asks for some information and has a field for the essay.


A decision letter will be emailed once the committee has finished the review process. The letter will include details about recommended courses and what further steps must be taken before the start of the next semester.

To apply for admission to the program, complete the following two steps:

  • Apply for a Major/Minor Change in ConnectCarolina. Detailed instructions can be found here. Select the Biomedical Health Sci Engineering-Joint NCSU option. After submitting this request, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to the online application site, as well as a username and PIN to login. If you do NOT receive the email, first check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email, please contact Rocky Rothrock at rrothroc@email.unc. 
  • Please choose the “Biomedical & Health Sci Eng- Joint NCSU” option, not deadline 1 or deadline 2. 
  • Complete the online application with essay. The online application has multiple sections, including:
    • Applicant information
    • Essay (see essay guidelines below)
    • Certification
    • Application status review


A decision letter will be posted to the online application system once the committee has finished the review process. If you are accepted to the program, you must confirm your acceptance by the date shown in the table below through ConnectCarolina; otherwise, you will NOT be admitted and must reapply.

Application Period Student decision
Fall: 9/16-12/1 First day of spring semester
Spring: 2/16-5/15 August 1
Summer: 7/2-8/1 First day of fall semester


Engineering Enhancement Fee for Admitted Students

Once admitted, you will be charged an enhancement fee of $750 per semester, which covers many aspects of the undergraduate program: teaching and design laboratories, student work spaces, travel awards, club funding, and internships, to name a few.

A single essay of up to 300 words is a required part of the application. This essay should address the following topics:

  1. Why are you interested in BME?
  2. What experiences have led you to choose BME as your intended major?
  3. What BME-related extracurricular activities have you engaged in?
  4. What do you plan on doing with your BME degree when you graduate?

The specific course numbers for the required classes at UNC are as follows:

  • MATH 231 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable I
  • MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable II
  • CHEM 101 – General Descriptive Chemistry I
  • CHEM 101L – Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I
  • PHYS 116/118 – Mechanics/Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity
  • ENGL 105 – English Composition and Rhetoric

The specific course numbers for the required classes at NC State are as follows:

  • MA 141 – Calculus I
  • MA 142 – Calculus II
  • CH 101 – Chemistry – A Molecular Science and General
  • CH 102 – General Chemistry Laboratory
  • PY 205 – Physics for Engineering and Scientists I
  • PY 206 – Physics for Engineering and Scientists I Laboratory
  • ENG 101 – Academic Writing and Research

Additionally, these courses are required only at NC State with a C- or better:

  • E 101 – Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving
  • E 102 – Engineering in the 21st Century
  • E 115 – Introduction to Computing Environments