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Students interested in study-abroad programs should see the information provided at their home institutions. The best time to study abroad is during the sophomore year, since the basic engineering courses required during the sophomore year are offered at most universities with an engineering program. Summers are also a good time to study abroad. Please meet with your BME advisor as early as possible to plan and stay on track for graduation.

Study-abroad at NC State. See more information.
Study abroad at UNC. See more information.

BME study abroad for students from either campus

BME offers a study abroad experience in Scotland, “Design and Innovation in a Universal Healthcare System,” through the Burch Field Research Seminar program. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to participate. See more information about Study Abroad in Scotland.

Students earn credit for BMME 190H, an approved substitute for BME/BMME 398 BME Design and Manufacturing II and HNRS 352, which meets a General Education requirement as follows.

  • At UNC, a Social Science course that meets the North Atlantic World and Global Issues Connections. It is also approved as an elective in the Medicine, Literature and Culture minor.
  • At NC State, an Interdisciplinary Studies course and the Global Knowledge co-requirement.

Please contact Dr. Kenneth Donnelly for additional information.