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Keith Abbey

September 28, 2021

I enjoy hiking, running, exploring new places, trying new cuisines. In college, I am an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Freytes’ RE-Design Lab. I also participate in the Helping Hands Project as a Case Group Member. Outside of university, I … Read more

Alex Nadeau

October 21, 2020

My current BME concentrations of study are Regenerative Medicine and Medical Imaging. After undergrad my plans are to continue my education in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on neural based Biomedical Engineering. I would also like to continue gaining research … Read more

Grayson Hinnant

October 21, 2020

I am very interested in oncology and hematology and how BME can work to tackle patient needs in these areas. I believe BME offers students the opportunity to gain insight into various avenues of study, while equipping them with valuable … Read more

Noah Dover

October 21, 2020

I have worked on medical imaging of hip and knee implants at the Center for Musculoskeletal Research and a 3D bioprinted biopolymer hydrogel for bone regeneration in a translational research lab. While my specific interests within the field of biomedical … Read more