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Contact Information:

Deeqa Musa

Class of 2023 NC State

Hometown: Morrisville, NC


I love Biomedical Engineering because it incorporates so many subjects that I have interest in into one major. It contains aspects of physics, electronics, mechanics, and anatomy which all prepare me for my future career. The joint department also prepares students for their futures by providing lab experience, engineering design knowledge and research opportunities. The smaller class size allows for more 1-on-1 interaction between students and staff as well as helps to promote a tighter knit community. To top it off the joint department employs phenomenal professors who are passionate about what they do which makes the experience so much better.

I am an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Cole’s Orthopedic Mechanobiology Lab where I work on a variety of projects relating to bone and its microstructure. I am also the parliamentarian for the National Society of Black Engineers. I enjoy travelling, cooking and trying new foods.

I plan to pursue a career in engineering or get a PhD in BME. I would love to get involved in humanitarian work in less developed countries using my knowledge of biomedical engineering.

Awards and Honors: NC State OUR Award (Summer 2020), Dean’s List (all semesters)