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Find Student Ambassadors / Bryanna Payne

Contact Information:

Bryanna Payne

Class of 2023 NC State

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


I love Biomedical Engineering because there is such a wide range of opportunities available. There are classes in a variety of subjects from biochemistry to electronics. This program allows students to find their passion and concentrate in that. I found my passion in Pharmacoengineering and have loved every class I have taken so far. The faculty are very willing to help and provide advice whenever needed. I have a minor in biomanufacturing and this has allowed me to take classes needed for industry along with getting a Biomedical Engineering degree. I love the flexibility of the degree as it has allowed me to take on this minor and explore other interests with my electives. Every faulty wants to see every student succeed and this is evident throughout the program. This program has made me a better engineer as it has allowed me to explore my interest and learn various topics not related to my field

For the past two years,  I have been an active member of the Biomedical Engineering Society and International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. I currently serve as the Outreach Officer on the Biomedical Engineering Society Executive Board. International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers allows students to network with the pharmaceutical industry. Biomedical Engineering Society allows students to connect with one other in the same major and network with various companies and faculty. This past summer I was a Gene Therapy Stage Two Manufacturing Technical Services Intern. This was an amazing opportunity as I was able to see all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. I am continuing this internship through this year, and I am excited to grow in my skills.

Awards and Honors: University Honors Program and Dean’s List(all semesters)