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Find Student Ambassadors / Bhairavy Puviindran

Contact Information:

Bhairavy Puviindran

Class of 2022 NC State

Hometown: Chapel Hill


I’ve found Biomedical Engineering to be the perfect combination of medicine and engineering, and I’m always intrigued by the countless possibilities in research. The faculty, professors, and staff in the Joint Department have been phenomenal whether it’s regarding classes and research, or advising and guidance. I’ve grown immensely over my time in the department, and it has shaped me into a versatile researcher with our unique four semesters of design, plethora of research opportunities, and lab-based/experiential learning. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities this program has given me, from research in two cutting edge labs to my ambassador position itself, and I’m always more than happy to answer any questions!

Goodnight Scholars Program (Ambassador, Mentor), NCSU/UNC Joint BME Program (Ambassador), Helping Hands Project (Case Group Member), Biomedical Engineering Society (Treasurer, Member), Wolf De Nakhre (Bhangra Dance Team – Treasurer, Fundraising Manager, Dancer), Service Raleigh (Community Involvement Co-Chair, Service U Committee Co-Head), Navarasa (Co-Director)

Awards and Honors: Goodnight Scholars Program, University Scholars Program, Abrams Scholarship, Dean’s List