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Contact Information:

Alex Nadeau

Class of 2022 UNC

Hometown: Greensboro, NC


In addition to my BME major I am also pursuing a minor in Asian Studies. Outside of BME I enjoy spending time with friends, attending campus events and UNC sporting events. Some of my hobbies include art as well as architecture. Since attending UNC I have become an avid badminton and tennis player. During the summer I enjoy traveling within the US and internationally.

My current BME concentrations of study are Regenerative Medicine and Medical Imaging. After undergrad my plans are to continue my education in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on neural based Biomedical Engineering. I would also like to continue gaining research experience in different fields of BME as well.

Activities on Campus:

  • Member of BMES
  • Member of Biomedical Device Club
  • Member of Helping Hands
  • Research Assistant