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Interdisciplinary Team Annihilates Deep Vein Blood Clots

The partnership between the medical school at UNC Chapel Hill and the engineering school at NC State has resulted in innumerable breakthroughs and next-generation innovation. This time, a collaborativ… Read more

BME Faculty earn Scientific Teaching Fellow Certificates

One of the trademarks of a great department is having faculty members who constantly strive for improvement. BME has recently seen three of its faculty, Drs. Xiaogang Hu, Jason Franz, and Devin Hubbar… Read more

Controlled Release Society Honors Zhen Gu with Young Investigator Award

Dr. Zhen Gu has received the 2017 Young Investigator Award from the International Controlled Release Society (CRS) as a result of his outstanding work with controlled drug delivery and bio-inspired ma… Read more

Stephanie Teeter Wins University Award for Excellence

Stephanie Teeter, lab manager and ten-year veteran of our department, has won an NC State University Award for Excellence! At a ceremony presided over by NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson, Stephanie w… Read more

Undergraduate Team Wins Engineering Education Award

Belltower Medical, an undergraduate team formed in Dr. Andrew DiMeo’s Senior Design course, is at it again. This time, they have won a $7,500 Engineering Education award from the National Council of E… Read more

NC State News Features Guest Post by Fran Ligler

There is one thing that BME faculty cannot be accused of: having a narrow skill set. Recently, Dr. Fran Ligler wrote a guest post for the NC State News that proves her abilities go well beyond science… Read more

Fran Ligler Inducted into Hellenic Society for Nanotechnology

On May 30th, BME Lampe Professor Fran Ligler and BME Industrial Advisory Board member George Ligler spoke at the Agricultural University of Athens. Following her talk, Fran was inducted as an honorary… Read more

BME Graduate Vinayak Subramanian Featured in UNC Healthcare News

Vinayak Subramanian, a graduate of the BME program, is turning heads at the UNC School of Medicine. Although he enjoyed working with the engineering side of medicine, Vinayak decided his talents were… Read more

Matt Fisher, Collaborative Team Published in Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Dr. Matthew Fisher and a collaborative team including NC State and University of North Carolina scholars have been published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research. The article, “Orientation changes i… Read more

Fran Ligler Honored at 2017 National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction

Earlier this month, Dr. Fran Ligler attended the 2017 National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Washington, D.C, where she was honored as one of this year’s inductees. The induction includ… Read more

Zhen Gu’s Injectable Insulin Delivery System Featured in NC State News

Dr. Zhen Gu’s drug delivery systems, specifically for diabetic care and cancer therapeutics, have been highly praised in the past few years. Now, Zhen and his lab have done it again: they have develop… Read more