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The Joint Department Awards Three Internal Research and Education Pilot Programs

The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering provides two award programs to sponsor upcoming research projects and educational initiatives. The goal of these programs is to encourage collaboration b… Read more

Researchers Develop AI Model to Improve Tumor Removal Accuracy During Breast Cancer Surgery

Kristalyn Gallagher, DO, Kevin Chen, MD and Shawn Gomez, EngScD, in the UNC School of Medicine, have developed an AI model that can predict whether or not cancerous tissue has been fully removed from… Read more

Keerthi Anand Lab
Five Students Receive NIH National Research Service Awards

…a National Research Service Award (NIH F31) from the National Institute of Aging. The award will fund his project titled “The Effects of Muscle Fatigability on Gait Instability in Aging… Read more

CAR-T Cell Therapy Implant Receives NC State Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

From Ideas to Solutions: Six projects secured support from the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) at NC State this year, and for the first time in the CIF’s history, awardees will receive supplemental… Read more

Spring-Summer 2023 BME Department Achievement Award Winners

We are happy to announce this year’s Department Achievement Award winners. The award committee honors the following recipients on their talents, achievements and dedication to the department in the fo… Read more

Three Researchers in the Joint Department Receive R01 Grants to Investigate Public Health Challenges

Congratulations to Caterina Gallippi, Ashley Brown, and Rahima Benhabbour for receiving National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Project Grants (R01s) this summer. R01 grants are the oldest grant… Read more

Studies Demonstrate Ultrasound-Assisted Methods Improve Neuromuscular Feedback

written by Kathleen Clardy for Joint BME Communications   A recently published research study explores the integration of ultrasound with functional electrical stimulation (FES), which is traditi… Read more

Congratulations to Ashley Brown, Georgia Tech’s 2023 Forty Under Forty Honoree

The Georgia Tech Alumni Association has chosen BME’s Ashley Brown as a 2023 Forty Under Forty Honoree in the field of academia. The Alumni Association’s “Forty Under Forty” is a competitive recognitio… Read more

WIN Backs SonoVascular Ahead of Clinical Trials

RTP medical company SonoVascular is one step closer to improving treatment for those with venous thromboembolism after securing capital and resources from the Wolfpack Investor Network. This article w… Read more

NREL’s Robotic Prosthetics Project Demonstrated at the 2023 NIBIB and AIMBE Tour

Varun Nalam, Post-doc, Brendan Driscoll, Ph.D. student, and He (Helen) Huang, Ph.D., Jackson Family Distinguished Professor of the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (NREL)’s, were in… Read more

Laura Rohrbaugh and Jennifer Sollinger Selected for 2023 Biomedical Engineering Awards for Excellence

BME’s NC State CLEAR Coordinator Laura Rohrbaugh and Laboratory Manager Jennifer Sollinger are Biomedical Engineering’s selections for the 2023 Awards for Excellence. They were recognized, respectivel… Read more

Chemical Found in Common Sweetener Damages DNA

A new study finds a chemical formed when we digest a widely used sweetener is “genotoxic,” meaning it breaks up DNA. The chemical is also found in trace amounts in the sweetener itself, and the findin… Read more