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BMHE students at UNC are part of the Joint Program in Biomedical Engineering and have the option to take classes at NC State.

All NC State courses approved for transfer can be found on this website listing Transfer Equivalencies.

Courses not on the approved list must be approved by a CAS advisor. 

The schedule of courses offered at NC State can be found at on the NC State Registration & Records website.

Students planning to take courses at NC State must have the courses approved by their advisor and should contact Dr. Cartee for additional information.

Students must download an inter-institutional enrollment form and submit it to Dr Cartee ( with the following information:

1.      The class you want to take at NC State.  Also list the prerequisites for the class.

2.      Agreement to the 4 statements:

a.      I agree that I will not enroll in 17 credit hours across both schools until open enrollment is complete

b.      I agree I will not take more than 1 distance ed (online) class per semester, and no more than 24 credit hours total, maximum of 2 courses for core requirements

c.       I agree to meet with a CAS advisor at least once during the school year

d.      I agree I will not enroll in 2 different versions of an equivalent course (eg. STORE 435 at UNC and ST 370 at NC State)

IMPORTANT:  Students cannot enroll in more than 17 credit hours or one online course combined across both universities.  The limit credits for online courses is one per semester, 24 hours total, and a maximum of 2 courses for core requirements. Students who enroll in more may be dropped from their class schedule.  After open enrollment begins, students are limited to a combined 18 credit hours unless they have permission from a CAS advisor to overload.