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BME Chair Emeritus Nancy Allbritton to Receive 2021 Pritzker Distinguished Lecture Award

Nancy Allbritton, current University of Washington College of Engineering dean and professor of bioengineering and 2009-2019 UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering Chair, will receive… Read more

BME Faculty Ashley Brown and Danny Freytes Selected Goodnight Early Career Innovators

BME Assistant Professors Ashley Brown and Donald “Danny” Freytes were selected to the 2020-2021 inaugural class of Goodnight Early Career Innovators.  The award was very recently established to suppor… Read more

Lesley Hubbard
Lesley Hubbard Wins a 2021 College of Engineering Award for Excellence

BME’s NC State Undergraduate Student Services administrator Lesley Hubbard is one of the College of Engineering’s two SHRA winners of the 2021 Awards for Excellence. Lesley’s recognition as a COE Awar… Read more

BME Distinguished Professor Helen Huang receives 2021 Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Award

Dr. Helen Huang, the Jackson Family Distinguished Professor in Biomedical Engineering, received the Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award, which is given to a senior faculty member… Read more

Lianne Cartee
BME Professor Lianne Cartee Named Alumni Association Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

BME Teaching Professor Lianne Cartee was named Distinguished Undergraduate Professor by the NC State Alumni Association. This group recognizes faculty who excel in the classroom, laboratory and in the… Read more

BME Research Assistant Professor Kennita Johnson Wins 2021 Diversity Award

We are pleased to announce Kennita Johnson, BME Research Assistant Professor and Director of Diversity and Equity, is one of the two faculty winners of the 13th annual Diversity Awards, which recogniz… Read more

BME Associate Professor Jacqueline Cole receives two Outstanding Teaching Awards

BME Associate Professor Jacqueline Cole recently received two Outstanding Teaching Awards. This year NC State University honored more than 30 faculty for their commitment to educational excellence. As… Read more

Meet BME’s 2021 Mathews Medal Winner Matt Traenkle

The Mathews Medal recognizes graduating seniors who have made NC State a better place. For Matt Traenkle, a Park Scholar, leadership will be a legacy. As co-chair of the Park Philanthropy Council, Mat… Read more

BME Interim Chair Prof Dayton’s Triangle Biotechnology Startup

Breaking up DNA is a necessary step to prepare samples for next-generation genomic sequencing, say, saliva collected in tubes from people curious about their ancestry. But the DNA in the samples must… Read more

BME’s Rahima Benhabbour Receives Award to Develop Male Contraceptive

Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI), a private non-profit foundation, announced a David Sokal Innovation Award grant to Dr. Rahima Benhabbour an assistant professor in the UNC/NC State Joint Departmen… Read more

Recent Joint BME graduates podcast for job and internship seeking BME juniors and seniors

Two 2019 UNC/NC State BME graduates, Allie Mitzak and Grace Cronin, are hosting The BME Grad Podcast to help job seeking BME students understand industry job roles. They also provide BME-focused advic… Read more

BME PhD student Mandy Munsch awarded NIH NSRA F31

Mandy Munsch, third year BME PhD candidate, has received an NIH National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. The award will fund her… Read more