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Susan Bernacki
BME Operations Manager Dr. Susan Bernacki, recipient of an Environmental Health and Safety Award

BME Research Associate and Operations Manager Dr. Susan Bernacki recently received an Environmental Health and Safety Award by NCSU’s Occupational Health & Safety Council. Susan received one of th… Read more

Two BME Students take home top prize from E(I) Lab

BME graduate students Alison Schaefer and Dina Yamaleyeva received E(I) Lab’s top prize at their recent annual awards ceremony.  Their team, LiRA, was announced as the winner of E(I) Lab’s fifth annua… Read more

BME Postdoc Becky Krupenevich awarded a NRSA from the National Institute on Aging

Postdoctoral research associate Becky Krupenevich has been awarded a three-year National Research Service Award (NRSA F32) from the National Institute on Aging for her proposal titled “The Role of Foo… Read more

BME researchers are patenting a new technology to treat chronic wounds

BME researchers at NC State have developed a fibrin that mimics the body’s natural clotting process to treat chronic wounds. Chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers or deep-tissue burns, heal slowly o… Read more

BME student Nalia Segule receives the coveted 2020 Payne International Fellowship

BME undergraduate student Naila Segule, who is also completing Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health Communication and Development, is among the nine 2020 Payne Fellows. The Payne Fellowship Awar… Read more

BME Teaching Assistant Professor Devin Hubbard, host of a medical device innovation podcast

BME Teaching Assistant Professor Devin Hubbard, who is also Lead Design Engineer of the FastTraCS team at NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute, is the host of a new podcast GuideWire, focu… Read more

Virtual Reality for Early Detection of MS Balance Problems

BME Assistant Professor Jason Franz, together with Dr. Brian Selgrade and Diane Meyer of UNC, and Dr. Jacob Sosnoff of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have used virtual reality experime… Read more

Ashley Brown
BME Assistant Professor Ashley Brown named NC State University Faculty Scholar

NC State’s recently announced 2019-20 class of University Faculty Scholars. BME Assistant Professor Ashley Brown is among the 24 early- and mid-career faculty who received this designation based on th… Read more

BME announces 2020 Lucas Scholars

BME is proud to announce the 2020 Lucas Scholars. All of the nominees were outstanding, so special congratulations to those who were selected. We also thank Dr. Carol Lucas for her inspiration and sup… Read more

BME PI Michael Daniele’s team develops wristwatch that monitors body chemistry

WRAL recently reported on the efforts of Dr. Michael Daniele’s research team to develop a wristwatch that collects health data from the skin’s surface. The device can be used for everything from detec… Read more

UNC/NC State, UCLA, MIT Researchers Successfully Test Coin-Sized Smart Insulin Patch

Dr. Zhen Gu, former professor in the UNC/NSCU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, led animal studies, a precursor to human trials, for a new device to automatically manage glucose levels and d… Read more

Frances Ligler
Frances Ligler Joins Academic Advisory Board for Plaksha University in Chandigarh, India

A storied group of academics, civic leaders, industrialists and entrepreneurs are sponsoring the creation of a new engineering university, Plaksha University in Chandigarh, India. The stated purpose o… Read more