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Nanodroplets and Ultrasound effective to dissolve blood clots

A new technique for eliminating particularly tough blood clots uses engineered nanodroplets and an ultrasound “drill” to break up the clots from the inside out. “We introduce nanodroplets to the site… Read more

Recent BME Alum Eddie Neri talks to Innovate Carolina about the Helping Hand Project

Recent BME graduate Eddie Neri talks to Innovate Carolina about his experience working with the Helping Hand Project (HHP), designing and building 3D-printed prosthetic hands for children with limb di… Read more

BME PhD Students win Top Prize in Covintus Tech Tank Pitch Competition

UNC Student-Led Startup LiRA, a developer of lip-reading technology for voiceless individuals, has won the $25,000 first-place prize in the Covintus Tech Tank pitch competition. Two BME PhD candidates… Read more

BME NREL Lab’s Prosthetic uses brain signals to help with balance

BME Jackson Family Distinguished Professor Helen (He) Huang’s Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Engineering Lab (NREL) has been working on an ankle prosthetic that relies on the user’s residual muscles to… Read more

BME Freshman Faduma Osman: from a refugee camp to NC State

When the NC State freshman was one year old, her family left the refugee camp in Kenya where she was born and boarded a plane bound for Charlotte, N.C. Though she doesn’t remember her life before she… Read more

UNC Engineers, Physicists, Radiologists and Physicians develop a novel 3D Dental X-ray device

The novel 3D X-ray technology developed through a collaboration between University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scientists is looking to identify dental issues earlier with more detail and less ra… Read more

The Jackson Family Distinguished Professorship Gift to Helen Huang

While Helen Huang was named Jackson Family Distinguished Professor in Biomedical Engineering back in 2020, the story behind this gift was now revisited on the NC State website, in recognition of donor… Read more

BME Applied Biomechanics Laboratory receives the 2021 Journal of Biomechanics Award

The Applied Biomechanics Laboratory, led by BME Associate Professor Jason Franz, was notified this summer that two laboratory members were selected as the two finalists for the 2021 Journal of Biomech… Read more

BME Faculty Franz and Lalush awarded UNC “Pilot & Feasibility” Research Grants

BME Associate Professors Jason Franz and David Lalush have each been awarded a one-year “Pilot & Feasibility” Research Grant of up to $25,000 in funding by UNC’s Thurston Arthritis Core Center for… Read more

Two BME Faculty awarded NC State Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

Out of six Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Awards, two BME faculty projects will receive support this year. The Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) provides seed funding to a select few NC State research… Read more

BME Dr Benhabbour’s Young Investigator Award by the Controlled Release Society (CRS)

BME Assistant Professor Rahima Benhabbour recently received a Young Investigator Award by the Controlled Release Society (CRS), where she was invited to give a talk to the Transdermal and Mucosal Deli… Read more

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)

BME Professor Michael Ramsey, who is faculty member in the UNC Departments of Chemistry and Applied Physical Sciences, is the founder of 908 Devices Inc, which received funding from the National Insti… Read more