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Is there a special admissions process into your program?

Yes. Starting with incoming students in fall 2016, all students need to be admitted to our program in order to graduate with a degree in Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering. More information is available at the following link: UNC admissions.

I heard that the undergraduate program is now a joint degree between UNC and NC State. What does this mean? Will I have to travel to NC State to take some courses?

Once a student has been admitted to the program (see above), you are a student at both UNC and NC State with access to all facilities at both campuses. We will continue to offer a complete curriculum on each campus so that students do not have to travel in order to complete their curriculum.  However, we encourage students to take advantage of resources on both campuses whenever possible, and any UNC student can also choose to take courses at NC State at no extra charge.

Can I be a pre-med student in your program?

Yes. Medical schools consider BME as an excellent pre-med major. In addition to BME requirements, students must take Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry, which also fulfill the necessary requirements for a chemistry minor. More information is available here. If students have Advanced Placement credits from high school, they can usually fit in the extra chemistry courses during the school year. Otherwise, they must take them during the summer.

Can I study abroad?

Yes. Some students study abroad at a technical university to take engineering courses, while others decide to study abroad at a liberal arts university to fulfill their general education requirements. Students may instead choose to coordinate their experience abroad over a summer session. You should work closely with the study abroad office and your advisor to plan your curriculum.

Can I get a minor or second major?

Pre-med students have a minor in Chemistry (see #3 above). Other students get minors or second majors in a variety of fields, including Japanese, Math, Business, and Entrepreneurship. It just requires a little planning and perhaps some AP credits or summer school to make room in the curriculum for the extra courses.

Is the UNC/NC State BME program accredited?

The joint undergraduate program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

This curriculum looks demanding. Will I have any time for other activities or for athletics?

Yes. Our students are involved in many other activities, from varsity athletics to a variety of student clubs.