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BME REdesign lab’s study of Absorbable Surgical Biomaterials

October 16, 2021

BME Dr. Freytes’ REdesign lab reports a new study led by postdoctoral researcher Camilo Mora-Navarro, PhD, titled “Transcriptome-Targeted Analysis of Human Peripheral Blood-Derived Macrophages When Cultured on Biomaterial Meshes.” Published in the journal Biomedical Materials earlier this year, the article … Read more

Nanodroplets and Ultrasound effective to dissolve blood clots

September 16, 2021

A new technique for eliminating particularly tough blood clots uses engineered nanodroplets and an ultrasound “drill” to break up the clots from the inside out. “We introduce nanodroplets to the site of the clot, and because the nanodroplets are so … Read more