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Certificate in Nanobiotechnology

October 9, 2019

With financial support from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University offer graduate certificates in nanobiotechnology. Tremendous advances in development of nanoscale, nanostructured, and nano-enabled materials for biotechnology applications are currently taking place. In particular, the development of advanced materials (e.g., electronic materials, optical materials, biologically-derived materials, and nanoscale materials) will allow for the development of next generation systems for use in medicine, homeland defense, and agriculture.

Certificate in Biomedical Imaging

October 9, 2019

The Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Psychology and Neuroscience have launched a graduate certificate in Biomedical Imaging Science. Biomedical Imaging is a critical area of research with far reaching scientific and clinical translational opportunities in several areas including cancer, developmental science, genetics, pharmacology, neuroscience, and biomedical informatics.